Family Law

Uncontested Divorce:

We specialize in completing uncontested divorces both quickly & inexpensively.

Contested Divorce:

If your divorce is contested, our firm will provide you with strong & aggressive representation throughout the duration of your case. Our primary goal will be to develop the strongest possible legal strategy that will best & most-effectively protect your legal interests, rights & needs. Although we know that the process is stressful to our clients, you can rest assured in knowing that we’ll be right by your side, and provide you with strong representation, from the start of your case t\o its finish.

Child Custody/Visitation/Time-Sharing and Parenting Plans:

Our firm is ready, willing and able to provide you with legal representation in all matters arising from child custody/visitation and/or the time-sharing of your minor child/children, as well as in the preparation of a favorable Parenting Plan. Although you’re always guaranteed strong and aggressive representation, we are especially careful, when dealing with issues that involve children, to always keep the best interests of your children foremost in our in mind. As our staff all have school-aged children of their own, we know first-hand the huge importance of these issues, and of how extremely important – and personal – they are to all of our clients, and it’s in recognizing the very delicate nature of these critical issues that we strive to always achieve the best possible result for each and every one of our clients.

Alimony & Child Support:

Our firm is ready, willing and able to provide you with legal representation in establishing, enforcing and/or modifing court-ordered alimony and/or child support payments, and, also, in seeking to modify prior written agreements with regard to the same.


Whether you are a parent seeking child support payments from the other parent, or one who seeks to establish regular visitation or time-sharing with your child, we can help you to establish legal paternity.

Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements:

We have years of experience drafting Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements. If you are planning to marry and want, first, to ensure that your pre-marital assets and/or properties are protected against later claims by your current spouse-to-be, then we can assist you in preparing a document that will help you to achieve your goals. Agreements of this type can include terms that address financial assets, real and personal properties, your children and, under certain circumstances, even the family dog!

If you find yourself involved in either a divorce, or any other family law matter, then please call the Law Offices of Lawrence D. Schott, Esp. at 954-455-3399.