Guardianship and Probate

Probate/Estate Planning/Guardianships:

If you have been named executor or personal representative of a Florida estate, or have questions or concerns about protecting your inheritance from a Florida probate estate, then please call our office at 954-455-3399 or you can contact him via e-mail at


Probate is the process of passing the assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs, after all of the decedent’s creditors have been paid. We represent both personal representatives and potential beneficiaries located both within and outside of the State of Florida in Florida probate proceedings. We have experience handling small, medium and large estates, and also in handling summary proceedings, which, in small estates, could save both considerable time and expense in the administration of the estate. We also have experience in handling contested estates, both on behalf of a personal representative and/or potential beneficiary. We are in court on a regular basis, and won’t shy away from the type of battle that may be necessary to get you through the process and/or to otherwise represent, pursue and protect your interests and needs.


A guardian may be appointed to exercise limited or total powers over a ward that is, generally, either a minor child, elderly or incapacitated person. It is a useful tool for people who are seeking to legally provide some level and degree of care for others who are not able to fully care for themselves. We can provide you with representation either in initially petitioning the court/applying to establish a guardianship, or in your contesting the establishment of a guardianship. We can also provide you with representation in the administration of a previously established guardianship, or in your contesting the administration of an existing guardianship by some other person or entity.