Wills and Trusts

Estate Planning – Preparation Of Wills And/Or Trusts:

If you are concerned about the financial security of your family, then you may wish to consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the preparation of an estate plan. You might already have a specific idea of what you’d like to see done in preparing your estate plan, but if not, we can help you in determining your goals and objectives, and then discuss your options afterwards. It’s generally prudent to address these issues early – certainly before life situations turn them into decisions that need to be made on an emergency basis. Also, if you don’t have an estate plan in place at the time of your passing, then the assets that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate over the course of your life may be distributed upon your death according to state law, instead of to whom you otherwise might have liked, and may take many months or even years to sort out in formal probate proceedings. Our firm has experience drafting documents including, although not limited to, the following:

Living Wills
Healthcare Surrogates
Powers of Attorney